20–26 June 2022 | Imploded, burned, turned to ash
Performance by Issam Kourbaj
Multiple screenings of recorded drawing and sound performance in various locations, worldwide, throughout Refugee Week, 20–26 June 2022

25 December 2020 | Dark Water, Burning World

Radio 4 – A History Of The World: Object 101

12th March 2018 Dark Water, Burning World

King’s College Chapel, Cambridge

14th May 2016 | Another Day Lost: 1,888 and counting…

McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge, UK, as part of The Heritage of Displacement Symposium (eleventh edition)

1st June —  8th June 2016 | Another Day Lost: 1,906 and counting…

Central European University, Budapest, as part of SPP annual conference The View From Here: Artists // Public Policy (twelfth edition)

9 April 2016 – 2 July 2016 | Into boundless space I leap

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