Light Matter

Senate House, Cambridge - 2009

In 2009, in conjunction with the University of Cambridge’s 800th Anniversary Celebration, Light Matter: Celebrating 800 Years of Science Through Art, combined contemporary dance, live music, and stunning visual effects in a celebration of Isaac Newton and his epoch-making quest to understand the nature of light. The venue was in the historic Senate House which hosted a dance performance for the first time ever.

This event represented a remarkable collaboration between professional and emerging artists. The programme featured world premieres of work by renowned artists such as Vanessa Fenton of the Royal Ballet, artist Issam Kourbaj and composer David Earl. There was a full slate of new work by Cambridge Contemporary Dance; choral singing and a haunting performance on the Theremin by inventor Leon Theremin’s own grand-niece, virtuoso player Lydia Kavina. Set and lighting designers took Senate House itself as their canvas, creating site-specific artwork of scope and daring.

Cambridge Contemporary Dance