Let Newton Be!


“Can theatre be a platform for science? In the hands of Baxter, Morris and Menagerie Theatre – yes. Spectacularly yes…Baxter creates a unified Newton who will awe and move modern audiences.” – Science, volume 326 November 2009.

Isaac Newton – heretic, alchemist, scientist. An iconic figure whose shadow looms large, while remaining a mystery to many. A devout, difficult, obsessive man who sought and found God in universal laws of light and motion. Award-winning playwright Craig Baxter focuses on the clash of scientific discovery with religious fanaticism, to tell a story of obsession and possession.

Using only the words of Newton, and those of his contemporaries, we see him as farm boy genius, secretive scholar and wiley politician. Above all, here is Newton as a human being – unique, comical, and relentlessly driven by his own curiosity.

The production toured the UK & US in 2011 and received fantastic reviews!

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